Vision, Values & Mission

Our Vision

ACE is committed to leading excellence in post-secondary experiential learning through Co-operative Education.

Our Values

Leading edge professional development

Investing in multi-faceted professional learning to develop members’ knowledge.

Strong relationships and networks

Building a vibrant professional learning community within a culture of collaboration that honours the diversity of all members.


Recognizing, adapting and responding effectively to the changing practical needs of students, industry partners and institutions, while at the same time adhering to provincial and national standards for Co-operative Education.

Strong advocacy

Maintaining a strategic and effective advocacy role that ensures sustainability and advancement of the Cooperative Education model.

Clear communication

Building systems of communication within ACE that are transparent, timely, systematic, and respectful of all voices.

Proactive media relations

Clearly communicating the benefits of Co-operative Education to secondary and post-secondary institutions, provincial and national governments, and other key stakeholders.

Quality research

Supporting research efforts that enable students, partner organizations and membership to understand and advance Co-operative Education.

Our Mission

ACE is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to:

  • promote Co-operative Education to students, employers and key stakeholders
  • provide high quality professional development for our members
  • facilitate a forum for the exchange of ideas and experience
  • liaise with other organizations involved in related interests
  • maintain a leadership role provincially, nationally and internationally in the field of Co-operative Education and other forms of experiential learning