Industry Partner of the Year

The Award recognizes ACE industry partners that have demonstrated a strong commitment to co-operative education through the support and hiring of co-op students, and have shown a high level of overall support of our association through specific partnerships.

The Industry Partner of the Year will be recognized with a plaque, gift and letter of appreciation.

ACE member institutions are encouraged to nominate ONE candidate with the approval of the industry partner involved. All nomination materials become the property of ACE to be used in promoting Co-operative Education.


Any ACE member in good standing may nominate an industry partner for this recognition. The nominated industry partners are reviewed and considered by the ACE Awards Committee based on their contributions within the past calendar year.

Download the Nomination Package


  1. Significant involvement with or outstanding contributions to projects or initiatives that benefit Co-op provincially (i.e., research, sponsorship, advisory committee participation, etc.)
  2. Consistent record of hiring co-op students and providing them with high-quality learning opportunities
  3. Provided student with a designated mentor, additional training opportunities, professional development and critical work-place challenges
  4. Created additional value by allowing student to expand their original job description to match their career goals or professional interests
  5. Allowed students to attend decision-making meetings or become involved in challenging projects or assignments beyond the scope of the original job posting
  6. Provided an above-average opportunity for the student to gain skills, experiences and leadership that would surpass a typical Co-op opportunity
  7. Attended or supported on-campus events, including career fairs, information sessions, interview clinics, networking events, poster or debriefing sessions, etc.


The ACE Awards Committee will use the criteria listed below to evaluate nominees. Nominees are scored initially on a scale of 50 and the value of each criterion is indicated in brackets. Subsequent review within the committee of the merits of top candidates (based on initial scores) helps to determine the overall winner.

  1. (15 points) Contribution to Co-operative Education (e.g., supporting on-campus events, either financially or with in-kind support, attending information sessions, career fairs, interview clinics, networking events, guests speakers, speaker panels, attending poster or debriefing sessions, etc.)
  2. (10 points) Quality of work experience (e.g., Link with education, depth of work experience, level of responsibility, access to challenging projects or assignments, etc.)
  3. (10 points) Provision for a professional growth experience – career, competency and/or academic development (e.g., Professional Development, memberships or participation in professional associations, etc.)
  4. (10 points) The mentoring relationship provided to the student during the work term (e.g., providing networking and informational interview opportunities with other professionals, providing career development advice and guidance, etc.)
  5. (5 points) Evaluator assessment and recognition of additional qualities of nominee


  1. The call for nominations and distribution of Nomination Forms to all ACE members takes place in January each year.
  2. Completed forms to be sent to ACE Awards Committee Chair no later than March 29, 2018.
  3. Awards Committee to bring recommendation(s) to the ACE Board. Board has an opportunity to present further nominations.
  4. Awards to be presented at the ACE AGM in May 2018.

Download the Nomination Package


One (1) PDF electronic document of all completed nomination materials must be RECEIVED by close of business (4:30 p.m., Pacific Standard Time) on Thursday, MARCH 29th, 2018 via email c/o:

Nancy Sly, ACE Co-op Industry Partner of the Year Committee Chair

Nomination packages MUST be one (1) PDF electronic document of the following items presented in the order below:

  1. Nomination form including industry partner’s signature
  2. Nominator/Institution’s letter on letterhead, signed by the same person noted on the nomination form, (one (1) typewritten letter, two (2) pages maximum)
  3. Hiring history (last 3 years)
  4. Optional: Student testimonials (optional, two (2) pages maximum)

Guidelines for the content and for material of the nomination items listed above are outlined in the Nomination Material Guidelines. We strongly advise all co-op practitioners to read and follow the guidelines presented. Only those nomination packages that meet the guidelines will be forwarded to the selection committee. Incomplete or improperly prepared nominations will be disqualified by the ACE Awards Committee.

Guidelines for Nomination Materials

The guidelines presented below are provided to assist in the preparation of the nomination package. Nominators are advised to adhere to the guidelines stipulated. Packages that do not meet the guidelines may be removed from consideration for the award by ACE.

Nominator: Institution Letter of Support

Please submit one (1) typewritten statement supporting your industry partner nominee and that addresses your students’ and your own outstanding experience with this employer. Provided below is the scoring criteria for the awards, and a sample letter of support to help guide you. Please consider using student testimonials. Please submit the letter of support on institution letterhead (2 pages maximum, 1 inch margins, 10 pt font min.). Where possible please be specific with your examples. Please include your signature at the bottom of the statement.

Please consider the following questions:

  • How did this industry partner contribute to Co-operative Education, including supporting on-campus events, either financially or with in-kind support, attending information sessions, career fairs, interview clinics, networking events, guest speakers, speaker panels, attending poster or debriefing sessions, etc.
  • How has the industry partner enhanced opportunities for the student’s professional growth (i.e., career and competency development)?
  • Can you describe the work experience provided by the industry partner and how it exceeded your students’ and your own expectations in comparison to other industry partners?
  • How does this industry partner foster exceptional experiences for co-op students?
  • What mentoring relationships were provided to students during their work terms?

Please describe any additional intangible qualities of this employer, if any.

We wish all nominees the best in their consideration for the ACE Co-op Industry Partner of the Year Award. Any questions regarding the nomination requirements may be directed to the ACE Awards Committee Chair at

2016-17 Industry Partner of the Year

The Association for Co-operative Education BC / Yukon is pleased to announce the recipient of the Industry Partner of the Year Award for 2016: Parks Canada

Parks Canada is the 2016 ACE Industry Partner of the Year.
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2015 Industry Partner of the Year Award

The Association for Co-operative Education BC / Yukon is pleased to announce the recipient of the Industry Partner of the Year Award for 2015: Carmanah Technologies Corporation

Carmanah is our 2015 Industry Partner, nominated by University of Victoria.
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2014 Industry Partner of the Year

The following is from the University of Victoria’s nomination package highlighting the extent of Island Health’s engagement with co-operative education: Island Health has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to hire UVic students regardless of economic circumstances. Island Health has hired across many disciplines, including Anthropology, Biochemistry/Microbiology, Biology, Biomedical Engineering,…
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