The Awards Committee work to recognize the outstanding achievements of our provincial Co-op students and outstanding members.

Core Mandate

Promoting, implementing and adjudicating the various annual ACE awards

Meeting Dates

Meetings will be convened on a regular and/or an as needed basis, in person or by teleconference

Current Members

  • Heather Workman, Langara College (Chair)
  • Peter Mackenzie, UBC
  • Lianne Johnston, Douglas College
  • Lynda Robinson, VIU
  • Christy Dodds, Capilano University


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What have we been working on?

The Awards Committee membership changed slightly this year – welcome Pete! In 2016 the committee administrated the awarding of our annual honours, including the ACE Co-op Student of the Year, the Outstanding Contribution and the Industry Partner of the Year awards. We appreciate the work involved putting these award nomination applications together and enjoyed reading the packages for 2016. It is truly inspirational and gratifying to learn how our students, employers and colleagues are making an impact on the larger community. The future looks bright!