ACE-WIL Board Member Nomination

Call for nominations

Folks, it is exciting times in British Columbia and Canada for the Co-op model with the incorporation of other forms of WIL.  ACE/WIL members, you still have time to join the ACE/WIL Board and share your voice on the future of our exiting newly mandated provincial association. 

Your ACE-WIL Board is made up of a group of volunteers that represents a wide range of institutions and works on initiatives that forward the goals of WIL at our member institutions, including collaborating with each other and our external stakeholders, offering professional development and mentorship, formalizing partnerships that are mutually beneficial, hosting conferences, and a wide range of other activities that help to promote WIL. The typical workload for a board is more than reasonable while working in your busy Co-op/Wil departments.

Note: The nominee does not have to be a Director in their organization to be on the ACE/WIL Board. The Director title refers to the board director position, not your work title. Board positions are open to any member of ACE/WIL regardless of institutional position.


We are seeking nominations for the following

Directors At Large (3)

WIL Director (University) (1)

WIL Director (College-Institute) (1)


That is 5 available elected positions to the Board for 2019-21, which is also made up of a liaison from the Ministry of Advanced Education and from ACCE, a Business Officer, as well as the chairs/co-chairs of the various ACE-WIL committees.

Each May, the newly elected board meets to elect the ACE/WIL Executive Board-This is made up of a President, Vice-President, and Secretary.


When I started with Co-op I had no contacts with other professional outside my school, nor did I fully understand the scope of the Co-operative Education Model in BC. I wasn’t a departmental director or a manager, I was a Co-op Coordinator. I started working with ACE (pre-WIL) on the communication committee, from there I joined the board and eventually became ACE President. I have gained so much professionally and personally from these experiences. I have met great friends and in a small way like to think helped be part of the changes Co-op has seen over the years. Professionally, I was part of conversations with leaders in our field, government officials and MLA’s and had the opportunity to travel and meet other co-op professionals nationally and internationally-all from starting on the ACE communications committee. It has been the highlight of my career. (Larry Iles-Thompson Rivers University)

If you are interested in one of these volunteer positions, please fill out and send the ACE-Nomination-Form-2019.

Deadline for nomination forms is Thursday April 18th, 2019

Please contact Larry Iles ( if you have any questions