Paul Kim

ACE Co-op Student of the Year, University Category

Paul Kim is a biochemistry student at the University of Victoria. Passionate about science, he is committed to utilizing his education to generate impact in healthcare and medicine. Co-op has made it possible for him to begin accomplishing this through his publications. Paul worked at the Centre for Microbial Diseases and Immunity Research and the BC Cancer Agency over the past two summers. During his work terms, he characterized novel drugs to combat antibiotic resistant infections and studied the immune system in the context of ovarian cancer to determine optimized methods of treatment through metabolic modulation. Meeting leaders in his field and witnessing scientific discovery has inspired his learning and propelled his personal development. In addition to his passion for science, Paul is an avid volunteer for Students Offering Support and the Canadian Cancer Society which both provide him with the opportunity to leverage his education to sustain positive impact. 


Co-op Student of the Year Awards

The Co-op Student of the Year awards recognize a BC or Yukon Co-op student who demonstrates an outstanding level of achievement in their co-operative education work placement experience; combined with a strong academic record, volunteer activities, and significant contributions to promoting co-operative education in their school and in the community.