Jenna Ries

ACE Co-op Student of the Year, University Category

Jenna Ries, one of three UVic Co-op Student of the Year award recipients for 2012, has won big on the provincial stage. The biochemistry co-op student was announced in March 2013 as one of two winners of the Association of Co-operative Education Student of the Year award for BC–Yukon.

"This award recognizes a BC or Yukon Co-op student who demonstrates an outstanding level of achievement in their co-op position and in their academic studies, and also makes significant contributions to co-operative education and in their volunteer activities at school and in the community," states the ACE selection committee in their letter to Jenna. "The Awards Committee was extremely impressed with all of your achievements during your work term with the BC Cancer Agency’s Deeley Research Centre; your strong academic record through your Bachelor of Science degree program; your publishing and research accomplishments; and your dedication to supporting your peers through mentoring and student leadership activities at the University of Victoria."

Jenna has completed work terms with the National Research Council of Canada and the BC Cancer Agency Deeley Research Centre, where she worked on a project investigating novel drug combinations for targeted therapy of ovarian cancer and co-authored two papers in the peer-reviewed scientific journals Autophagy (Landes Bioscience) and The Journal of Pathology (Wiley Publishing). In November 2012, she was named UVic Co-op Student of the Year for Optional and Professional Programs.

“Jenna’s work made it possible for us to publish our findings in a short period of time, which undoubtedly helped to raise the profile of our research both regionally and internationally,” says supervisor Dr. Julian J. Lum of the BC Cancer Agency. “I would rank her performance, productivity and contribution in the top 5 per cent of all students at her career stage.”

UVic Co-op Students of the Year are nominated each year for provincial and national awards: the aforementioned Association for Co-operative Education in British Columbia/Yukon (ACE) Student of the Year Award and the Canadian Association for Cooperative Education (CAFCE) Student of the Year Award.


This story was originally written and published by the University of Victoria here.


Co-op Student of the Year Awards

The Co-op Student of the Year awards recognize a BC or Yukon Co-op student who demonstrates an outstanding level of achievement in their co-operative education work placement experience; combined with a strong academic record, volunteer activities, and significant contributions to promoting co-operative education in their school and in the community.