6 Reasons You Should Hire a Co-op Student, STAT!

Co-operative Education programs at post-secondary institutions are more than just a job posting service. As a recruiter, you enjoy a host of benefits from Co-op staff, all at no cost. It's no wonder employers that are familiar with the Co-op model come back semester after semester to find their next hires. If we've got your attention by the end of this piece, then check out our posting page, where you can post a job to all 15 Co-op institutions in BC at the same time.


1. Posting a co-op job is free

Posting a co-op job is free

Let's start with the simplest reason to post a co-op job. Post-secondary co-operative education programs have a vested interest in seeing their students secure meaningful, paid employment in their field. As such, they won't charge you to post a position.


2. Candidates are pre screened before entering the Co-op program

Co-op job candidates are pre screened

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Institutions have a variety of criteria that students must meet before they can be accepted in their co-op program. These criteria typically include GPA, minimum credit hours and completion of curriculae designed to prepare students for the workforce. The jist of it all: You receive quality applications from students who have had to demonstrate hard work in order to be a part of Co-op.


3. Your job is marketed to your desired target audience

your co-op job is marketed to your desired target audience

As you'll see on our Member Institutions page, co-op students come from diverse background, ranging from the Arts to the Sciences to Engineering, and everything in between. Universities and colleges typically have co-op staff within each area, running targeted promotions – online and face to face – on your behalf.


4. We schedule your interviews at no cost

we schedule your co-op student interviews at no cost

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You have limited time. To ensure that your recruitment efforts are efficient and convenient, co-op staff arrange your interviews for you. Simply inform staff of your available time slots (try to keep a few days open) and we'll schedule interview times are you and around candidates' course schedules. If you don't have space in your office for interviewing, institutions can typically find space for you on campus.


5. The support doesn't stop after you make the hire

the support doesn't stop after you hire the co-op student

Co-op staff are there to provide you with guidance on mentoring your student, and dealing with any communication issues or challenges of any kind, in the unlikely event that these should arise. Most institutions will even provide an in-person visit mid-way through the student's work term, where they will check in with both you and the student to see how the experience is going.


6. You get to test drive future full-time employees

you get to test drive future full-time hires

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Recruiting the right continuing staff for your organization is incredibly important, as your staffing decisions will have long-lasting impacts on your bottom line. That's why testing out future hires as co-op students is ideal. If you find the right match, then you've identified a future employee. If not, you've only hired them for four to eight months.