Heather Workman, Langara College


  • Rob Driscoll, UBC
  • Lianne Johnston, Douglas College
  • Lynda Robinson, VIU
  • Christy Dodds, Capilano University



To recognize the outstanding achievements of our provincial co-op students and outstanding members.



The Awards Committee is responsible for the following:

  1. Promote the ACE awards and nomination timelines
  2. Ensure updated forms/guidelines are distributed to membership
  3. Vet nominations and determine the ACE CSTOY Award winners
  4. Solicit recommendations to the Board for the ACE Outstanding Contribution Award nominations
  5. Develop new initiatives for recognizing ACE members, students, and industry partners


Chair of the Awards Committee

  • The Chair shall be responsible for chairing the meetings and ensuring the meetings move forward efficiently 
  • The Chair shall attend quarterly ACE Board meetings representing the committee and giving quarterly reports on Committee activities
  • The Chair shall liaise directly with the other Committees on an as-needed basis



  • Meetings will be convened on a regular and/or an as needed basis
  • Meetings may be held in person, or electronic means such as telephone, videoconference or by email.


  1. All members of the committee shall be members in good standing of ACE.
  2. The Chair of the committee shall be the Vice President of the ACE Board and shall not participate in voting.
  3. The committee shall be comprised of three (3) to five (5) voting members with fair representation from across the province including one from Vancouver Island, one from Lower Mainland, and one from the Interior/Northern BC. At least one member shall be from ACE’s college members.
  4. When possible, membership on the committee shall be for 2-year intervals and shall be staggered among the members to ensure consistent representation and deliberation on the committee.
  5. Should any voting member of the committee not be able to continue in his/her role for any reason, a substitute member may be appointed by the Chair and/or the ACE Board. If the schedule does not permit substituting another member to the committee, the Chair’s scores will replace the resigning member’s scores.
  6. The Chair of the Committee will be the deciding vote in a tie situation.



  • Recommendations and decisions of the Awards Committee, to the extent decisions may be rendered, shall be made by consensus.
  • The Awards Committee Chair reports to the Board.


2014 / 2015 Goals

  • Develop new initiative to recognize ACE industry partners


Interested in joining this committee as a volunteer?

Message the Chair in the Members section: 1) Search for the member by name, 2) Check the box next to their name and 3) In the "Choose an Action" dropdown menu, select "Send user a message (email)".