Earl Anderson, BCIT


  • Nancy Johnston, PhD, SFU
  • Norah McRae, UVIC
  • Andrea Sator, M.A., SFU
  • Cristina Eftenary, SFU
  • Larry Iles, TRU
  • Karima Ramji, UVIC
  • Pat Rowe, Honourary Member



The Research Committee is responsible for the following:

  1. Meeting regularly
  2. Maintaining contact with the ACE board
  3. Submitting reports as requested
  4. Organizing and implementing research topics to assist ACE members



Meetings are held on the first Friday of every month by teleconference and face to face as needed



  • Recommendations and decisions of the ACE Research Committee, to the extent decisions may be rendered, shall be made by consensus.
  • The ACE Research Committee reports to the Board.

2014 / 15 Goals

We are in the process of designing a project that focuses on gleaning employers' perceptions regarding the hiring and management of students who have completed most of their pre-university studies outside of Canada (e.g. international students, new immigrants, Canadians living abroad, etc.)

Our provisional goal is

To better understand employer’s perceptions and practices regarding hiring students who have come to BC PSE through various international pathways.


Interested in joining this committee as a volunteer?

Message the Chair in the Members section: 1) Search for the member by name, 2) Check the box next to their name and 3) In the "Choose an Action" dropdown menu, select "Send user a message (email)".