• Muriel Klemetski, SFU


  • Khairunnisa Ali, KPU
  • Chris McKinnon, UBC
  • Lynne Murchie, UBC
  • Sean Padley, Langara
  • Stephanie Greaves, SFU



To promote the philosophy and practice of co-operative education in our region.



The External Relations Committee is responsible for the following:

  1. Identifying strategies and priorities to promote the association to government, business and industry, organized labour, not-for-profit and the public
  2. Working collaboratively with appropriate associations and agencies
  3. Increasing awareness of the personal, institutional and societal benefits of co-operative education.
  4. Promoting of the ACE Portal as one-stop-shopping for posting positions for co-op students at all institutions, in all programs in BC
  5. Informing employers of the value of utilizing Cooperative Education as both short and long term recruitment strategies
  6. Advising on various methods for recruiting, engaging and retaining the millennium worker in today’s market.


Chair(s) of the Membership Committee

  • The Chair(s) shall be responsible for chairing the meetings and ensuring the meetings move forward efficiently
  • The Chair(s) shall attend quarterly ACE Board meetings representing the committee and giving quarterly reports on Committee activities
  • The Chair(s) shall liaise directly with the other Committees on a regular basis to ensure appropriate planning for new and current member engagement strategies


  1. Meetings will be convened on a regular and/or an as needed basis
  2. Meetings may be held in person, or electronic means such as telephone, videoconference or by email.



  • Recommendations and decisions of the External Relations Committee, to the extent decisions may be rendered, shall be made by consensus.
  • The External Relations Committee reports to the Board.


Interested in joining this committee as a volunteer?

Message one of the Chairs in the Members section: 1) Search for the member by name, 2) Check the box next to their name and 3) In the "Choose an Action" dropdown menu, select "Send user a message (email)".