• Larry Iles, TRU
  • Nicole Yeasting, UBC


  • Greig Baird, SFU
  • Jasmine Bassi, UBC



To welcome new members and engage current ACE membership



The External Relations Committee is responsible for the following:

  1. Make recommendations to the Board on activities to promote membership.
  2. Develop membership-building programs.
  3. Develop and oversee the implementation of survey tools such as membership needs assessments and satisfaction surveys.
  4. Promote volunteerism and diversity to engage existing members and promote new membership.
  5. Advise and make recommendations to the Board on any issue relating to the provision of services to individual members.
  6. Provide advice to the Board concerning membership needs.
  7. Partner with other committees as appropriate on matters of common interest.
  8. Report to the Board at least quarterly or more often as required on membership committee activities.
  9. Provide quarterly reporting (3x per year) at each board meeting and annually for the AGM



  • Committee members shall be appointed by the existing members and may serve for 2 years
  • If appointed, a member may serve for a maximum of two consecutive terms (4 years)
  • Membership will commence at each AGM


Chair(s) of the Membership Committee

  • The Chair(s) shall be responsible for chairing the meetings and ensuring the meetings move forward efficiently
  • The Chair(s) shall attend quarterly ACE Board meetings representing the committee and giving quarterly reports on Committee activities
  • The Chair(s) shall liaise directly with the other Committees on a regular basis to ensure appropriate planning for new and current member engagement strategies



  • Meetings will be convened on an as needed basis
  • Meetings may be held in person, or electronic means such as telephone, videoconference or by email


  1. Recommendations and decisions of the Membership Committee, to the extent decisions may be rendered, shall be made by consensus.
  2. The Membership Committee shall report to the Board.


2014 / 15 Goals

  • Create an orientation process for new members (welcome and orientation package)


2015 / 16 Goals

  • Identify & develop resources to support new and current members (ie. orientation video, online ACE Handbook, new members list, experts/mentors list, new member identification at events, utilize ACE key contacts at member institutions etc)


2016 / 17 Goals

  • Identify areas of new and current member engagement


2017 / 18 Goals

  • Create membership recruitment and retention plan


Interested in joining this committee as a volunteer?

Message one of the Chairs in the Members section: 1) Search for the member by name, 2) Check the box next to their name and 3) In the "Choose an Action" dropdown menu, select "Send user a message (email)".