Muriel Klemetski

ACE 2015 Outstanding Service Award

We are pleased to announce the 2015 Outstanding Service Award will be presented to long time

co-op advocate, Muriel Klemetski.

Muriel has been involved with ACE and the Co-operative Education field for many years serving in

a number of capacities. She has been an ACE board member from many years, currently chairs

the External Relations committee which has successfully promoted Co-op to industry through a

variety of initiatives including getting a provincial proclamation for Co-op and has been a major

contributor on many ACE conference organizing committees. She has represented SFU on the

ACCE board including chairing the Council and has sat on a number of sub-committees. Muriel

has been involved in CAFCE actively serving in a variety of areas including the CAFCE Accreditation

committee. She is an expert on Co-op who has constantly provided assistance to Co-op

practitioners within the province and beyond. Muriel is a wealth of knowledge, bringing much

insight, background and wisdom to the Co-op community. We could not possibly capture all the

amazing ways Muriel has consistently helped so many over so many years. Truly, her impact

ripples down to making Co-operative Education in BC so strong and successful for institutions,

colleagues, students and employers.

Thank you Muriel, for all your hard work!!