ACE-WIL BC/Yukon is a provincial non-profit comprised of post-secondary, publicly-funded institutions in the BC/Yukon region that offer Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning programs.

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What is Work-Integrated Learning?

Work-integrated learning is a model and process of curricular experiential education which formally and intentionally integrates a student’s academic studies within a workplace or practice setting.

WIL experiences include an engaged partnership of at least: an academic institution, a host organization, and a student. WIL can occur at the course or program level and includes the development of learning outcomes related to employability, personal agency, and life-long learning.

Source: CEWIL Canada

Applied Research Projects

Applied Research students are engaged in workplace research, including consulting, design, and community-based projects.


Apprenticeship is an agreement between a person who wants to learn a skill and an employer who is willing to provide paid related practical experience under the direction of a certified journeyperson in a work environment.

Co-operative Education

Co-op alternates periods of academic study with periods of work experience that are relevant to a student's field of study and/or career goals.


Entrepreneurship allows a student to leverage resources, space, mentorship and/or funding to engage in the early-stage development of business start-ups and/or to advance external ideas that address real-world needs for academic credit.

Field Placement

Field Placement provides students with an intensive part-time/short-term intensive hands-on practical experience in a setting relevant to their subject of study.


Internships offer usually one discipline-specific work term, paid or unpaid, for academic credit or practice placement.

Mandatory Professional Practicum/Clinical Placement

Mandatory Professional Practicum/Clinical Placements involve work experience under the supervision of an experienced registered or licensed professional in any discipline that requires practice-based work experience for professional licensure or certification.

Service Learning

Service Learning students work in partnership with a community-based organization to apply their disciplinary knowledge to a challenge identified by the community.

Work Experience

Work Experience intersperses one or two work terms (typically full-time) into an academic program, providing experience in a workplace setting related to the student’s field of study and/or career goals.

What is Co-op?

As one form of Work-Integrated Learning, Co-operative Education is a program which alternates periods of academic study with periods of work experience in relevant fields of business, industry, government, social services and more.

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Learning Opportunity

Each work situation is developed and/or approved by the Co-operative Education program as suitable


The Co-op student is engaged in productive work rather than merely observing or job-shadowing


The Co-op student receives remuneration for the work performed


The Co-op student's progress on the job is monitored by their Co-operative Education programs


The student's work performance is supervised and evaluated by the student's employer


Students alternate work terms with academic terms, allowing them to bring real-world experience into the classroom

Vision, Values & Mission

ACE-WIL BC/Yukon is committed to leading excellence in post-secondary experiential learning through Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning experiences.

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Who is ACE-WIL?

Learn about the ACE-WIL members who help facilitate Co-operative Education and experiential learning across BC / Yukon.

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