About Us


ACE is a provincial non-profit comprised of all post-secondary institutions in the region that offer Co-operative Education programs. Through Co-op, students integrate paid, relevant work experience with their academic programs.



Our Vision

Association for Co-operative Education, BC / Yukon (ACE):  Leading excellence in post secondary experiential learning through Co-operative Education

Our Mission

ACE is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to


  • promote Co-operative Education to students, employers, and key stakeholders
  • provide high quality professional development for our members
  • facilitate a forum for the exchange of ideas and experience
  • liaise with other organizations involved in related interests
  • maintain a leadership role provincially, nationally and internationally in the field of Co - operative Education and other forms of experiential learning

Our Values

ACE is committed to


  • Leading edge professional development – investing in multi-faceted professional learning to develop members’ knowledge
  • Strong relationships and networks – building a vibrant professional learning community within a culture of collaboration that honours the diversity of all members
  • Innovation – recognizing, adapting and responding effectively to the changing practical needs of students, industry partners and institutions, while at the same time adhering to provincial and national standards for Co-operative Education
  • Strong advocacy – maintaining a strategic and effective advocacy role that ensures sustainability and advancement of the Cooperative Education model
  • Clear communication – building systems of communication within ACE that are transparent, timely, systematic, and respectful of all voices
  • Proactive media relations – clearly communicating the benefits of Co-operative Education to secondary and post-secondary institutions, provincial and national governments, and other key stakeholders
  • Quality research – supporting research efforts that enable students, partner organizations and membership to understand and advance Co-operative Education




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