Fresh Talent

How to Hire a Co-op Student

Submit a Job Description:   Prior to the term in which you wish to hire a co-op student, submit an online job posting, which can be distributed to all institutions or particular ones that you choose in the online form. Or if you prefer, contact an institution directly and provide a job description which outline duties and responsibilities, required education and experience. The institution will post the job descriptions for students to view. 

Students Apply:  Interested students apply for the co-op opportunity through their institution. The Co-op office staff will then send a package of student applications for review.

Interview Process:  Employers screen the students' resumes and potential candidates are selected for the interview process.  The Co-op office will arrange interview times for the employers and the candidates. Usually interviews take place on campus or at the place of employment; however, telephone interviews can be arranged for non-local employers or, where available, video-conferencing can be arranged.

The Placement Process:  Once employers have selected their preferred candidate, the Co-op coordinators will make the offer and confirm acceptance with the student.

During the Work Term:  During the work term, the institution's faculty or Co-op staff conducts a work site visit and the employer evaluates the student's performance.

Evaluation of the Work Term:  Employers are requested to provide a written evaluation of the student’s performance at the end of the work term. Please contact your local institution (link) and inquire about Co-op student availability. Or submit your job posting now!